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Real Estate Portal - product Walk Through

Beautiful Design

Uniqueness of our all portal is the design, where we are stick with a single idea of uniqueness in terms of user interface and keep it simple and browser friendly. Techzone can help you in design of your portal as per your business idea and must come with a fantastic design that is rich in quality and high in performance over long terms.  Our design team can help you to make your user interface and other design components of the portal. Our design is your dream and we can keep the idea on fly mode. Check out some sample design of portal here.


Property Listing

Are you looking for a unique property listing system or a multiple types of property listing, Techzone real estate portal solution can help you on the same, we are offering several types of property listing and managements. You can start your portal exclusive for luxury property for sale only; you can go with complete property listing like rental, sale, PG, Open House, Premium Properties or only map properties. Whatever your property listing option you are looking for you can expect the same kinds of delivery.


Agents Listing

Agents listing and managing agents for property portal is more related to your process and decision of the format of your portal, if your portal is having a purpose to include all agency in your selected market to be part of your business and provide listing to you and in return you will provide them lead and other marketing tools than you can use our agent listing and management modules. The module is very comprehensive and helps you to bring more agents with several innovative features that help agents to make them comfortable working with your portal and bring so much of lead and business branding as needed.


Project Module

Bring more traffic for the new projects and upcoming residential and commercial properties in your area by the builders and developers. Now a day each area and location with new and style designed projects that need branding and lead generation. In our survey with more than 200 builders and developers from more than 20 countries reveal that all the builders and developers always looking for a portal where they have option for the project listing and branding and love to market their project on the portal. Compare to a portal where only property is listed. The project branding required different approach and different types of consumer mind mapping tools so that the consumer get engage with the projects and builders get more lead and branding. Our project listing tools for real estate help you to go extra miles with such activity and help you more and more in the development of additional revenue stream for your portal and more engagement program for the consumer and reason to visit your site on regular interval.



Now a day Internet penetration reach every nook and corner of the world, due to the changes in geographic and culture there is big gap of information sharing and information tool that help the local people to understand what you offer. A regional supports of language and important information on regional language is always bringing more traffic to portal. We provide complete localization and customization with more than 30 language support. Our language tool is work on full automated mode and also on the moderated mode. So you can choose from your own set of tools to localize your content in selected language. We also provide complete listing localization where in for a multi country portal we have different kinds of property information and result and filter of search. This way your property listing become more accurate and give you benefit over the generic listing companies.



Make administration of your portal easy with Techzone real estate portal solution, a multi user based administration system with all the automation to run your complete business on single system.

Real estate portal is very large task to manage for the companies and brands, however at Techzone the administration of portal is very easy, our fully integration administrative module save time and efforts in making your portal administration a daily task to be managed by anyone. Look no beyond when you use our administrative system to make your portal up and running. It will help you in several ways to manage your business, enquiry, lead, marketing activities and other things that will used in day by day activity.



"Marketing Takes day to learn, Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master"

Make your portal live and happening with several of the innovative marketing tools that come with Techzone real estate portal solutions. You can start instantly with marketing system and generate lead and marketing activities by bringing your data with us. Techzone real estate portal marketing tools help you to get more traffic and more business with easy to use free and paid tool combinations.


Mobile Ready

Techzone real estate portal engine is complete mobile ready, we provide several tool and help bring your portal on mobile, you can choose as per your budget and preference of market, the mobile ready platform of Techzone real estate portal bring more and easy app development and very fast market to launch experience for any screen users.


Custom Services

Apart from these standard module we at Techzone develop and code new modules with zero downtime over upgrade. Our real estate portal solutions is prices very competitively with premium services and support backup. We can design, deploy and implement the complete Real estate portal in Just 45 Working days anywhere in globe.

Now with so much to offer and so much to deliver, Techzone feel great pleasure to be associated with you for your next portal. We provide very wonderful tool and feature set that help you bring your portal live, however if you different requirement in your mind, then come to us and we will do the complete customization for you.


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